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Soft-face mallets and forestry tools

Construction / Landscaping and Hardscaping

The requirements in gardening and landscaping are demanding and manifold. Conditions are often rough and difficult. You will thus need a tool that is perfectly dependable at all times. Our soft-face mallets have been engineered precisely for these types of jobs. Robust, reliable, and adaptable. Exactly the attributes true originals need to display every day.

Floor layer

You as a floor layer will welcome anything that makes your job easier. This is why we at Halder design soft-face mallets - such as our SECURAL - that meet the specific requirements of each and every trade perfectly.




Glazier / Window construction

Whether you use them during glazing or while installing windows and glass doors, the soft-face mallets made by Halder ensure that you will not break anything or leave behind blemishes.

Agriculture / Forestry

Driving in stakes, splitting coniferous wood, hardwood, metre logs or kindling, wedging wood open, and inspecting trees - the jobs in agriculture and forestry are manifold and often demanding. Good thing to have a supplier in Halder who has the right tool for all of these jobs. Distinguished by its premium workmanship and abundance of model versions, it allows you to work without fatiguing and with minimum strain on your joints.

Metalworking industry

Positioning workpieces, loosening flanges, adjusting pipelines, aligning frames, opening moulds - the applications in the metalworking industry are just as varied as the soft-face mallets made by Halder. The name of our soft-face mallets are SIMPLEX, SUPERCRAFT or SECURAL, and you can customise their configuration to your specific needs.

Upholsterer / Saddler

Working in upholstery and in the saddler's trade is full of different challenges - ranging from the gentle stripping of upholstered furniture to punching holes with great force. Good to know that Halder has the right hammer for all of your applications!





One hammer to do it all? There is no such thing. At least not if you take your job seriously. This is because there is a clear difference between a task requiring a great deal of force, such as detaching an old door jamb, and a job involving delicate taps, such as work on a valuable piece of furniture. For this reason, Halder carries a wide variety of soft-face mallets, which share the option of precise customisation for all types of joiner's work.

Tinsmith Work

It clearly makes a different whether you must proceed with caution during crimping applications or need to apply sound strikes on piping. At Halder, you will find the right hammer in exactly the configuration that you need for your particular application - from the small BASEPLEX to the FERROPLEX combi hammer. Manufactured with premium quality and gentle both on your joints and your workpiece.

Maintenance / Repair

Maintenance and repair work can take vastly different shapes. With the right pick of a Halder soft-face mallet you will be able to master all types of challenges - from assembling or disassembling gearboxes and engine blocks to changing wheels to such light work as the gentle loosening of plastic panelling.

Carpenter / Timber Framer

Whether your work involves placing a roof truss, positioning beams or securing vapour barriers, you will find the tool to match each of your applications in our comprehensive product range. At Halder, you find everything that makes your work life easier: from the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet to the SIMPLEX sledge hammer to magnetic holders.