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Machine and Fixture Elements

Machine and Fixture Elements

The range of machine and fixture elements included in our standard parts selection encompasses such product groups as spring plungers, index plungers, lateral plungers, ball lock pins, locating pins, seating pins, ball-ended thrust screws and self-aligning pads. These standard parts are available from stock.

The selection is divided into the categories of

  • Spring plungers (spring plungers, spring bodies)
  • Index plungers / index bolts (mini indexes, index plungers, index bolts, locating bushings, precision index plungers)
  • Lateral spring plungers (lateral spring plungers, lateral plungers, eccentric mounting bushings)
  • Locking elements (spring-loaded catches, door catches, clamping catches)
  • Washers (shaft-end washers, captive c-washers, c-washers)
  • Lifting pins (sling swivels, key ring ball lock pins, lifting pins, locating bushings)
  • Ball lock pins (ball lock pins, clamping pins, socket pins, locating bushings, retaining cables)
  • Grub screws / thrust pads
  • Mounting pads / fulcrum screws
  • Locating / seating elements (grippers, hard metal inserts, locating pins, seating pins, feet, pins)
  • Push plungers (ball-ended thrust screws, self-aligning pads, thrust screws)
  • Ball casters
  • Positioning sensors
  • Oil sight glasses
  • Expander sealing plugs
  • Swing bolts

We also make the CAD data associated with all of our standard parts available for download in various formats.

For special applications we can also engineer and build the special designs the customer needs.