Clamping Elements
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Clamping Elements

Mechanical clamping elements according to DIN

The range of clamping elements included in our standard parts selection encompasses such product groups as slot nuts, spherical washers / conical seats, clamps and down-thrust clamps. These standard parts are available from stock.

The selection is divided into the categories of

  • Nuts for T-slots (slot nuts)
  • Clamping screws (screws for T-slots, studs)
  • Spherical / plain washers (spherical washers / conical seats, washers)
  • Clamping nuts (fixture nuts, extension nuts)
  • Precision slot nuts (drive blocks, fixed slot tenons, centering pins, loose slot tenons, low slot tenons)
  • Positioning clamping elements (positioning clamping pins, manual handles, bushings, locating bushings)
  • Positioning bushings (drill bushings)
  • Clamps (DIN-compliant clamps, factory standard clamps, supporting elements)
  • Straight clamps, slotted
  • Clamping element system
  • Horizontal clamping elements (down-hold clamps, holding plates, sub-part clamps, push-pull clamps, push plungers, locating clamps, clamping vices, standard jaws, interchangeable jaws, stabilising clamping jaws, taper clamping units, double edge clamps, stops, Pitbull clamps, clamping claws, supporting plates, stops)
  • Supporting elements (bedding supports, supporting elements)
  • Floating clamps
  • Push/pull clamps (clamping devices "actima")
  • Eccentric clamping elements (eccentric clamping clamps, eccentric clamping washers, eccentric clamps, double eccentric levers, eccentric levers, eccentric quick clamps, fulcrum pins, eccentric clamps, eccentric clamping modules)
  • Down-thrust clamps (various down-thrust clamps, positioning rings, height adjusting cylinders, clamping claws)
  • Compact clamps
  • Centering clamping elements (various centering clamping elements, centering clamping mandrels
  • Shaft clamp
  • Clamping plates (screw jacks)

We also make the CAD data associated with all of our standard parts available for download in various formats.

For special applications we can also engineer and build the special designs the customer needs.