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Operating Elements

Operating Elements

The range of operating elements included in our standard parts selection encompasses such product groups as retaining catches, U-handles, palm grips, and handwheels. These standard parts are available from stock. The selection is divided into the categories of

  • Retaining catches (various retaining catches)
  • U-handles (various U-handles)
  • Crank handles (various U-handles conforming to DIN and company standard)
  • Gear lever handles
  • Tapered shaft elements (clamping hubs)
  • Clamping levers (various adjustable clamping levers)
  • Clamping levers (clamping levers, adjustable clamping levers)
  • Clamping levers / clamping nuts
  • Rotating handles (machine handles, cylindrical handles)
  • Knurled nuts / knurled thumb screws (knurled nuts, knurled thumb screws, knurled nuts with collar, knurled thumb screws with collar)
  • Tommy nuts / tommy screws (tommy screws, tommy nuts)
  • Handles (T-handles, mushroom-type knobs)
  • Thumb knobs (thumb knobs, conical knobs, ball knobs)
  • Star grips / star grip screws (various star grips and star grip screws conforming to DIN and factory standard)
  • Palm grips / palm grip screws (various palm grips and palm grip screws conforming to DIN and factory standard)
  • Torque handles
  • Handwheels (disc-type handwheels, handwheels, spoked handwheels)
  • Clamping screws

We also make the CAD data associated with all of our standard parts available for download in various formats.