Bypass Pin Kits
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Bypass Pin Kits

Bypass Pins Kits consist of

  • Ball Lock Pins (Quick Release Pins / Locking Pins / Safety Pins) with button handle or with T-handle
  • Retaining Cable
  • Warning Streamer

The Bypass Pin Kits are used in the Ground Support (GSE). They are used as Gear Pin or Steering Bypass Pin for pushback.

When the pin is inserted, the steering hydraulics on the landing gear are bypassed. This allows the aircraft to be moved by a tractor without having to deactivate the entire aircraft hydraulics. A warning streamer with the text "Remove before flight" (RBF Flag) is attached to the ball lock pin by means of a retaining cable.

Our standard range includes Bypass Pin Kits for

  • Airbus (A318 - A380)
  • Boeing (B737 - B787)

Further kits for other types, also from other manufacturers, are available from us on request. Short delivery times can be guaranteed.