Spherical / Plain Washers

Spherical / Plain Washers (spherical washers / conical seats, shaft / plain washers) according to DIN 6319 or DIN 6340

Spherical / plain washers are standard parts according to DIN or company standards. Spherical / plain washers are often also referred to as clamping studs. Spherical / plain washers can be used as washer in a wide range of industries for many applications, including connecting and clamping. In combination with T-nuts DIN 508 (EH 23010./23020.) and fixture nuts DIN 6330 (EH 23070.) they become the complete clamping bolts.

The extensive product range includes various versions from stock:

  • Spherical washers / conical seats, DIN 6319
  • Spherical washers / conical seats, similar to DIN 6319, stainless steel
  • Compact spherical washers / conical seats, similar to DIN 6319
  • Shaft / plain washers, DIN 6340, heat-treated 
  • Shaft / plain washers,  high precision design
  • Shaft / plain washers