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Multi-Vices (vice / machine vice)

Application of the vice / machine vice

  • Vertical and horizontal CNC-controlled milling machines.
  • Also allows for conventional clamping, grip clamping and pull-back clamping.
  • MS 125-S – ideally suited for use on 5-axis machining centres.
  • Clamping of blanks, flame cut and saw cut through the penetration of the hardened and interchangeable grip elements into the workpiece.
  • The supporting jaws make it possible to clamp blanks made of the most varied materials and with complex geometries in a reliable and cost-saving manner.

Product features of the vice / machine vice

  • Unparalleled versatility – our modular clamping system combines nearly all options offered by our other tried-and-tested models.
  • Spindle with transmitted power – no reduction in clamping force.
  • Enlarged power stroke for the reliable clamping of blanks.
  • Lost clamping margin 8 mm with pull-down clamping, 3 mm during grip clamping.
  • Clamping with a torque wrench (max. 30 Nm) - making it possible to work above the table even with an unfavourable clamping arrangement on the tool.

The range of multi-vices included in the workholding systems selection encompasses such product groups as multi-vices MS 125, accessories (workpiece stops, torque wrenches, clamping claws, aligning and fixing sets), step jaws, base jaws, pivot jaws, master jaw adapters, snap-on parallels, prismatic jaws, and mounting screws. This vice and the system parts are available from stock.

The selection is divided into the categories of

  • Multi-vices MS 125
  • Accessories for multi-vices
  • Conventional clamping
  • Grip clamping
  • Pull-down clamping
  • 5-sided machining

We also make the CAD data associated with all of our system parts available for download in various formats.