The video shows, using the example of the V70 T Slot System, how quickly and easily modular jigs can be set up.

The T-slot system is based on base plates with grid dimensions of 70 mm. Modular Fixture Parts can be positioned and clamped at the same time, allowing quick assembly. The V7´Modular Fixture System V70 is especially suitable for machining complex workpieces due to its positive locking and great flexibility.

The positioning of the base plate on the machine table is carried out by means of fitting holes with quality H6 and/or centering groove. Diverse mounting blocks, slotted clamping angles, clamping bars, stops, piece angle, clamping vices with moveable or fixed jaw, locatimg pins, v-blocks and many other construction elements provide almost unlimited possible field of applications.

Modular fixture systems are ideally suited for start-up series, prototypes and small quantities.