NEW: Halder’s threaded lock pins save time during assembly

Join and release screw connections within seconds

Screw connections are commonplace during the assembly of components. If, however, a component - such as a wearing part - needs to be replaced frequently, screwing the part in and out will take up a great deal of time. Erwin Halder KG has the right solution for such applications: The new threaded lock pins allow users to release screw connections in a matter of seconds - and, better yet, without the need for any additional tools.

“Our ball lock pins have proven their worth in countless applications - anywhere where connections need to be released and established again frequently and quickly. With the new threaded lock pins, we are now extending the range of possible applications. We have designed the fasteners specifically for use in threaded holes to ensure that we afford the user maximum savings in time and money, for instance, during the assembly of components”, details Bernd Janner, Sales Director for Erwin Halder KG.

Their operational principle is very similar to that of the ball lock pins: Replacing the balls in the familiar versions, self-threaded segments matching the corresponding thread sizes are arranged at the bottom end of the pins. Releasing them merely requires that the user press the orange aluminium press button at the top end of the pin. The pin can then be easily inserted into the existing threaded hole. When the press button is released, the threaded segments engage in the thread of the part. A semi-turn at the end will lock the threaded lock pin firmly and securely in place inside the bore hole. A push of the press button is all it takes to release the segments again.

Always there when you need it
Bernd Janner: “An all too familiar problem: It is all too easy to lose a screw while scrambling to replace a wearing part during the daily grind in your workplace. The threaded lock pin puts an end to that problem, too. Affixed to the handle is a nut that is designed to secure a retaining cable / a clip for a retaining cable. This makes it possible to attach the threaded lock pin, keeping it from becoming lost when released and ensuring that it remains in the right place.”
Users can choose between two material options for the threaded lock pins: They are either made from free cutting steel with a manganese phosphate coating or from stainless steel 1.4305. Both versions are protected against corrosion and temperature-resistant up to 80°C. In addition, the threaded lock pin made from stainless steel is weather-resistant and thus perfectly suited for components that are used outdoors. From stock, Erwin Halder KG makes the fasteners available in thread sizes of M8, M10, M12, and M16.


The new threaded lock pins made by Erwin Halder KG offers users a quick and easy way to join and release screw connections over and over again.