Halder's new threaded lifting pin with rotatable shackle

Quick and easy installation, form-fitting force transmission

Time is money! Benjamin Franklin realised that as early as 1748. If living by this principle, you will find that the threaded lifting pins engineered by Erwin Halder KG are worth their money in gold when it comes to lifting and transporting loads in a quick and easy manner. The new versions with a rotatable shackle will always point the way - even in “skewed situations".  

“When we took the wraps off our threaded lifting pins at EMO 2019, we were overwhelmed by the exceptionally positive feedback we received”, rejoices Bernd Janner, Sales Manager at Erwin Halder KG. The resounding success these clever lifting devices have enjoyed is not surprising given the high marks they score with their effortless and, most of all, fast assembly - in threaded holes that already exist. This streamlines the process substantially and helps save precious time when changing loads. Yet, even tried-and-trusted solutions have room for improvement: This rationale motivated Halder to develop the new threaded lifting pins with rotatable shackle.

Always aligned with the tensile direction
But, how is this better? “Before you can appreciate the advantage the new threaded lifting pins have to offer, you have to understand their mode of operation - which they share with all other versions: Arranged at the bottom end of the high-strength pin are self-locking threaded segments that are matched to the corresponding size. They provide for form-fitting force transmission. All it takes for the user to release the elements is to press the aluminium button found below the moveable shackle. The pin can then be easily inserted into the existing threaded hole. When the press button is released, the threaded segments engage in the thread of the part to be carried. This ensures that the lifting element is secured”, says Bernd Janner, detailing the intuitive handling of these efficient lifting aids. By the way, releasing the threaded lifting pin again merely requires another press of the button. To keep this from happening at the wrong moment, the shackle is equipped with a locking stud that prevents the press button from being pushed inadvertently.

Load transport can commence once the threaded lifting pins are installed inside the part and, for instance, lifting slings are attached to the shackle. Whether straight or slanted – the rotatable shackle will always align with the tensile direction. Engineers Kilian Schneck and Andreas Kühlwein from Halder's team of developers explain why that is: “The benefits of the new version truly come to the fore during a diagonal pull: The shackle can rotate freely around the pin thanks to the bearing ring with its maintenance-free plain bearing bush, which offers resistance to temperature, chemicals and oil. As only the shackle rather than the pin itself rotates, the lifting device remains firmly screwed inside the thread, allowing for the safe lifting and transport of the part.”

Great carrying force and maximum safety
“Complying with CE requirements, the threaded lifting pins are not only easy to handle but also extremely robust. The maximum lifting capacity can range up to 1850 kg – depending on the model - with 5-fold safety against breakage. Their exceptional break resistance has been certified by TÜV Süd”, adds Bernd Janner.

Halder offers these threaded lifting pins in two material options. Pin, bearing ring and shackle are made from either heat-treated steel with a manganese phosphate coating or from precipitation hardened stainless steel. The spring and the threaded segments are always made from stainless steel. These high-quality materials provide for excellent protection against corrosion and great temperature resistance. The version made from stainless steel is weather-resistant and thus perfectly suited for outdoor implementations.

From stock, Erwin Halder KG makes these lifting elements available in all standard metric thread sizes (M8 - M30) and in common inch sizes (½“ - 1“). Depending on their size, the threaded lifting pins come with a small or a large shackle.



The rotatable shackle will always align with the tensile direction of pull without the pin rotating. This prevents the lifting device from being turned out of the thread and the component can be lifted safely.




Gewindetragbolzen drehbar

The treaded lifting pins are optionally available in heat-treated steel with a manganese phosphate coating or from precipitation hardened stainless steel and in all standard metric thread and common inch sizes.