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New gimmicks in Erwin Halder KG’s product selection

Whether at the raised hide or at the shooting range – removing the rifle sling is always a tedious and time-consuming chore. Wrong! The PUSH & GO sling swivel engineered by Erwin Halder KG allows hunters to disconnect the rifle sling from the gun stock in just a few seconds – thanks to ball lock pin technology.

A press of a button is all it takes to remove the pin with the sling swivel from the port in the gun stock. This is how easy releasing the rifle sling can be. “The balls engage automatically in the locating bore when the button is released and are unlocked again with a press of the button. This makes it possible to insert and remove the rifle sling as many times as necessary. And the best part is: it is done without the slightest bit of rattling or noise. No wonder that we received an abundance of excited feedback from hunters who have already had the opportunity to use our PUSH & GO sling swivel – including those who experienced it at this year’s Jagd & Hund trade fair in Dortmund. As in previous years, the fair gave us a chance to demonstrate our advanced technology and first-rate quality and to introduce a string of new lock pin technology products that are designed to make the hunter’s life easier”, says Bernd Janner, Sales Executive of Erwin Halder KG.

Useful plug connectors

In an effort to provide an effortless way to connect two slings, Halder has added new ports with swivels to the portfolio. One example illustrating the usefulness of this connection is the combination with a collar (neckband), as it offers the hunter a quick and easy way to attach a leash to their loyal four-legged helpers. The connection is made by attaching the belt of the leash to a tried-and-tested PUSH & GO sling swivel before fastening the collar to the swivel of the new port. This is all it takes to create a quick-release plug connection! The ports are available in black and bright with diameters of 6 and 9.5 mm to accommodate a sling width of 23 mm. The user can choose between stationary and rotating versions.

Secure and stable position thanks to additional legs

Bipods have proven as a reliable means to maintain an accurate firing position over an extended period. The new stud adapter with associated port provides a straightforward way to affix the useful bipods to the rifle by means of the PUSH & GO system. “But, that is not all: the stud adapter can also be used in combination with slings that come with a removable sling swivel. The connection is established by latching the sling swivels into the stud adapter before locking them in place in the corresponding ports”, adds Bernd Janner.

The black stud adapter including port is available in diameters of 6 and 9.5 mm. The port is available for both wood and plastic stocks. Users relying on wooden stocks can also opt for a rotating version.

Shooting for sport

Shooters firing at the shooting range or at competitions are required to remove the slings from their rifles. Sports marksmen, on the other hand, deliberately use a 40 mm sling to stabilise their firing position. Our new SPORT sling swivel is designed to accommodate this sling width. Offering a diameter of 9.5 mm, the pin fits precisely into the hand stop port.

Aside from these newly developed highlights, Halder also expanded the existing portfolio by new sizes: designed for attachment to the barrel of the rifle, the sling swivels with clamp collars in matt blank are now available in diameters of 17, 18, 19, and 21 mm. The port designed for attaching the sling swivel to the gun stock made of wood or plastic are now available in black or matt and also with a diameter of 9.5 mm. Even better: all products supporting the PUSH & GO system are made from stainless steel.

Yet again, Halder received a plethora of enthusiastic feedback at this year's Jagd & Hund fair in Dortmund both from hunters already using the PUSH & GO sling swivel and from trade fair visitors who experienced its technology and supreme quality for the first time.


Erwin Halder KG unveiled a string of new products of their PUSH & GO system at the Jagd & Hund trade fair. They are designed to make the hunter’s life easier.


One example of the new products presented at the Jagd & Hund was the stud adapter with a corresponding port. It allows for the attachment of bipods to the rifle with the help of the PUSH & GO system.


Another use for the stud adapter is the combination with slings that come with a removable sling swivel.