SUPERCRAFT mallet with 3-component handle

High impact force and minimum rebound thanks to shot filling

Wherever work involves metal, oil and grease are usually not far away. Notwithstanding, the tool needs to stay securely in the hand. This is why Erwin Halder KG is making their SUPERCRAFT mallet also available in a version with non-slip 3-component handle. Perfect precision in every strike.

Assembly and repairs on passenger and commercial vehicles, positioning and joining of workpieces, assembly of sharp-edged workpieces, straightening work, housing assembly, plant construction, maintenance work and sheet-metal forming – all tough and heavy-duty jobs that usually rely on steel hammers, but which are also the preferred area of application for the SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallet.

For various reasons: First of all, the shot filling in the tubular head of the SUPERCRAFT mallet provides for great impact force while also reducing rebound as its energy is transferred with a slight delay when the contact surface hits the workpiece. What is more, SUPERCRAFT mallets allow for work

with greatly improved safety, reduced strain on the joints and greater noise-dampening when compared to ordinary steel mallets. Finally, the replaceable inserts made of special nylon are exceedingly durable and wear-resistant. The extruded and extremely homogeneous material never chips - even in sub-zero temperatures. The inserts offer outstanding impact qualities and are guaranteed to combine maximum strength with unique durability. Moreover, all weld joints are completely robot-welded. This keeps the shot filling from leaking out and provides for maximum durability.

“In its preferred areas of application, work with the SUPERCRAFT mallet frequently involves handling oily or greasy workpieces. To assure users that they will be able to strike with full force even if their hands are greasy, we are now offering our SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallet with a 3-component handle as well“, announces Volker Gernth, Sales Director Hand Tools at Erwin Halder KG. The break-proof and flexible fibre-glass core of the 3-component handles is coated with an ergonomic polypropylene layer and an elastomer layer. This always ensures a firm grip – even if work involves the use of lubricants. The version with 3-component handle is available in diameters of 40 mm to 60 mm.


Halder is now also offering the SUPERCRAFT mallet with a non-slip and break-proof 3-component handle.




The SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallet with 3-component handle stays securely in the hand - even when handled with oily fingers.