Multi-talented: Seating pins made by Erwin Halder KG

The right solution for (nearly) every application

A seating element, a stop, a plunger, and a base rolled into one – seating pins are true jacks-of-all-trades in the world of workholding systems. They support the parts from all sides while they are being machined. The extensive selection offered by Erwin Halder KG is sure to hold the seating pin that perfectly matches the specific material, shape or application the user requires.

For “normal” use cases Halder offers the flat, plug-in seating pins in accordance with DIN 6321, which are made from hardened and ground tool steel. They are available in the standard-compliant heights of 5 to 10 mm. Halder keeps around the locating pins that conform to the old standard to make sure that users continue to have easy access to the intermediate sizes that have now been made obsolete by the new DIN 6321.

“The seating pins with ribbing are a particularly good choice for cast parts and other workpieces that have a rough surface. Especially the pointed version is nothing short of ideal for cast material. Snugly pressing into the uneven workpiece, the support surface holds the workpiece in place more firmly”, says Bernd Janner, Sales Manager at Erwin Halder KG. To ensure the ribbed support surfaces / the points withstand all loads, Halder uses hard metal to craft the inserts that match the body with threaded thrust points, which are made from heat-treated steel. Equipped with a female thread, the entire seating pin is composed of blackened and case-hardened free cutting steel.

Halder also offers the matching solution for parts that have narrow points of support: Their narrow and elongated pin shape makes these special seating elements suited perfectly for supporting, for instance, cast parts between the ribs. Manufactured from blackened heat-treated steel, they function as a stable and precise seating element / stop. Induction-hardened and ground, the small support surface stands up to the exerted load exceptionally well. Available in lengths of 20 to 60 mm, the seating pins are attached via a male or female thread.

In action as a plunger

Are all of the contact surfaces too hard? Halder has recently introduced seating pins that come with a protective contact surface made of plastic (PEEK) and are therefore gentle to premium surfaces and sensitive workpieces. They keep the parts perfectly protected from damage. Moulded entirely from plastic and equipped with a threaded thrust point made from stainless steel or a plastic insert housed in a stainless steel body – the seating pins can - aside from the usual applications - also be used as thrust pads, e.g. in the compact clamps made by Erwin Halder KG. The available heights range from 10 to 30 mm - depending on the version.

The flat, ribbed or spherical pins made of blackened and case-hardened steel can likewise be used as thrust pads. The spherical version offers tremendous advantages on a workpiece that is not perfectly flat. The unique shape ensures that the workpiece bears only on the highest point of the pin. Uneven places thereby become completely irrelevant. Pins with male thread and pins with female thread come with heights of 10 to 30 mm and 15 to 60 mm, respectively. 

“Anyone who needs to adjust their fixture to different workpieces in a quick, easy and flexible manner will find the right solution in our adjustable seating pins made from blackened heat-treated steel. The user simply sets the correct height with the help of the long thread and locks it in place with the nut to ensure that it can no longer be altered. We managed to nearly double the regulating range compared to previous versions by fitting the individual versions with longer threads that range between 20 and 50 mm”, declares Bernd Janner. Users can choose between a spherical and a ribbed support surface that is induction-hardened to deliver a higher load capacity.

The perfect footnote

Rounding out the range of seating pins are the feet with thrust points according to DIN 6320. Fitted to a surface plate or a housing, they provide secure footing thanks to their precisely defined dimensions. Made from unhardened and blackened heat-treated steel, the feet are also suitable for use as a seating element and stop.

Unable to find the right solution? Erwin Halder KG also designs and manufactures customised versions upon request.


Halder makes the flat, plug-in seating pins available as versions that are compliant to the new DIN 6321 and to the old standard. This ensures that users can still opt for many intermediate sizes.


Halder's ribbed or pointed seating pins offer the best choice for workpieces with a rough surface such as cast parts.


For parts with narrow points of supports Halder carries seating pins with a narrow and elongated pin shape.


Halder's adjustable seating pins offer extraordinary flexibility. They provide a fast and effortless way to adjust fixtures to different workpieces.