Eye bolts and other carrying elements have to be screwed in in a time-consuming way. Threaded lifting pins, on the other hand, can be inserted into existing threads at the push of a button and thus save an enormous amount of time when handling a wide variety of loads.

These new threaded lifting pins with rotatable shackle have the benefit that the shackle can rotate freely around the pin utilizing a maintenance-free plain bearing bush, which offers resistance to temperature, chemicals and oil. As only the shackle rather than the pin itself rotates, the lifting device remains firmly screwed inside the thread, allowing for the safe lifting and transport of the part.

Complying with CE requirements, the threaded lifting pins are not only easy to handle but also extremely robust. The maximum lifting capacity can range up to 1850 kg – depending on the model - with 5-fold safety against breakage. Their exceptional break resistance has been certified by TÜV Süd.

We offer these threaded lifting pins in two material options. Pin, bearing ring and shackle are made from either heat-treated steel with a manganese phosphate coating or from precipitation hardened stainless steel. The spring and the threaded segments are always made from stainless steel. These high-quality materials provide for excellent protection against corrosion and great temperature resistance. The version made from stainless steel is weather-resistant and thus perfectly suited for outdoor implementations.

From stock we make these lifting elements available in all standard metric thread sizes (M8 - M24) and in common inch sizes (½“ - 1“). Depending on their size, the threaded lifting pins come with a small or a large shackle.


Gewindetragbolzen mit drehbarem Schäkel


Gewindetragbolzen, drehbar