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Attachement points - lifting pins and threaded lifting pins

Lifting Equipment

For lifting loads, lifting equipment is used. The lifting pins and threaded lifting pins are attachment points that can be used as alternatives, for example, instead of eye bolts.

Lifting Devices - Lifting Pins and Threaded Lifting Pins

Lifting Devices

Discover our product range of lifting devices -  lifting pins and threaded lifting pins

Threaded Lock Pin

Threaded Lock Pin

Product innovation - the threaded lock pin is used for quick fastening, locking, adjusting, changing and securing.

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Product Groups Standard Parts

Product Groups Standard Parts

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Retrieval Unit with Sensor - EH 22810.

The retrieval unit is used to check the position of a workpiece on the fixture. Different support elements can be combined with the unit. The data transfer is done by cable or radio.

Clamping Parts Overview

Clamping Parts Overview

The clamping parts overview shows our complete stock program of clamping devices.