To reduce the risks for the user and for other people in the same working area, the following safety instructions must be observed when working with our soft-face mallets:

  1. We recommend that you wear suitable protective clothing (e.g. protective gloves, safety eyewear) when working with soft-face mallets.  
  2. When striking with soft-face mallets, maintain an adequate safety distance to other persons and objects.  
  3. When striking heat-treated workpieces, always use a soft-face mallet with plastic inserts.  
  4. Only use a soft-faced mallet for the purpose for which it is intended. Avoid jarring blows and only use the striking faces of the mallet, never the side of the housing.  
  5. Select the appropriate hammer weight and diameter with regard to the work to be performed.  
  6. Before every use, check that the components of the soft-face mallet are properly aligned and tightened.  
  7. Never use a hammer with chips or burrs on the striking face. Worn replaceable parts (replacement inserts, wooden handles) must be replaced.  
  8. On warranty and safety grounds, only use original Halder replacement parts for Halder soft-face mallets.  
  9. Follow the fitting instructions on page 109 when fitting SIMPLEX replacement parts.  
  10. Never strike one hammer against another.  
  11. Make sure that the soft-face mallet is carefully maintained and properly stored after use.
  12. Only use a soft-face mallet with plastic inserts for driving in steel wedges. Steel-on-steel strikes may lead to chipping.

In addition to the above safety instructions, please observe any country-specific standards and regulations.