SIMPLEX Forestry Tools immediately available with new inserts

Guaranteed splinter-proof even in sub-zero temperatures

Whether they are professionals or keen amateur woodworkers – many know and appreciate Halder’s forestry tools as they are high quality (Made in Germany) and keep them safe while splitting firewood. And, now that they are paired with new inserts made of nylon, the SIMPLEX splitting axe and the SIMPLEX splitting maul offer even greater durability and ease of use.

When you hear nylon, you think of stockings, blouses, sports clothing and similar products. However, there are plenty of other industries who discovered the potential of this resilient polyamide long ago. For a long time now, Erwin Halder KG has been offering inserts made from nylon for their soft-face mallets – and these inserts have proven their worth many times over: in the joining of workpieces, in the assembly of sharp-edged workpieces, in mould, steel and exhibition stand construction, in sheet-metal work and in a myriad of other applications. Halder is now converting their portfolio of forestry tools to nylon as well, introducing the various benefits of the material to the realm of forestry. 

Nylon instead of superplastic

“Some will now wonder why we made the switch from our tried-and-tested superplastic to nylon. The switch was undoubtedly motivated by the beneficial properties that nylon brings to the table”, explains Volker Gernth, Sales Director Hand Tools at Erwin Halder KG. “These premium inserts possess outstanding impact qualities. They are very hard, boasting a hardness of approx. 73 Shore D. Perfect for driving splitting wedges into the wood deeply and with full force.” Made from an extruded and extremely homogeneous material that offers maximum strength, the inserts are extremely low-wear and thus exceptionally long-lasting. Better yet, Halder still keeps the slightly softer superplastic insert available for order and retrofitting for those who find the nylon insert to be too hard for their purposes.

Volker Gernth: “The nylon inserts are also ideally suited for all weather conditions as they are guaranteed to never splinter – even if temperatures drop below zero. This keeps the risk of injury exceedingly low, allowing wood fans to go to town to their heart’s content without endangering themselves.” When compared to inserts made of superplastic, nylon inserts offer additional advantages in terms of strike reliability: The wear surface of nylon is flat, while that of superplastic is rather round. The flat wear surface of nylon increases strike reliability substantially and reduces the risk of slipping. What is more, the nylon insert boasts greater dimensional stability and less rebound. This feature also offers additional benefits from an ergonomic standpoint as it reduces the strain on the user while striking. “Hard, splinter-free, wear-resistant, resilient, durable and more – in my book, you can call that combination perfect,“ asserts Volker Gernth.


Hard, splinter-free, wear-resistant, resilient, and durable – expanding their range of nylon inserts to their entire line of forestry tools, Halder affords their users a whole new host of benefits.




The inserts made of nylon are ideally suited for driving steel wedges. Their flat wear surface increases strike reliability and reduces the risk of slipping.