Erwin Halder KG: New website for hand tools

Online portfolio supports brick-and-mortar dealers

Halder’s range of hand tools comprises more than 500 products. Given this vast extent of in-stock products, how is one supposed to find the right hammer? With great ease: Simply log on to Halder’s overhauled website and its selection of application-specific products.

Whether they work in agriculture and forestry or as joiners, floorers, upholsterers and saddlers or in construction, gardening and landscaping, and maintenance and repair or as glaziers and window makers, carpenters and roofers or as sheet-metal workers and in the metal working industry - scores of craftsmen will find the hammer that is right for them in Halder’s extensive product selection. Better still, the revamped website with its highly advanced and easy-to-grasp product finder will help every trade to quickly and easily find the product that matches their specific requirements to a T.
The first step in the process is to select your specific trade. The ten different trades listed on the site and the products associated with them form the core product range Halder has to offer and cover the bulk of the requirements customers may have. Should this large variety still not hold what the user is looking for, they have the option to gain an overview of the entire product range by clicking on the image overview under “all products”.

Concentrated information at a glance
In the next step, the user can take a closer look at the hammer or hammers that may be the perfect match for the job they need to accomplish. The user is supported in their decision-making process by an exhaustive product description that includes a host of helpful information and specifications. In addition to textual explanations, the user will also find, for instance, user testimonials in the form of videos or how-to information. “We have chosen this new way of showcasing our products because we are convinced that it will offer even more support to our brick-and-mortar dealers when it comes to product consulting”, explains Oliver Vogel, Head of Marketing at Erwin Halder KG.

Users can make their trade-specific selection by visiting either Halder’s website at or the microsite It is planned for the medium term to merge this microsite with Halder’s website.


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The application-specific website offered by Erwin Halder KG helps craftsmen find the right hammer in a quick and easy manner.