Smart hammers “stand up”

New insert with stand-up for an ergonomic way of working

Not again: bending over and over again to pick up the hammer from the floor – even though your back is already killing you. We have put an end to that! Because our SIMPLEX soft-face mallets and SIMPLEX sledge hammers have literally put the problem on its head. Thanks to their new insert with stand-up, a myriad of users, e.g. in the gardening and landscaping sector, can now breathe a sigh of relief – and finish their work with less strain on their backs.  

A challenge that has proved daunting for generations of students at the gym is a cinch for the SIMPLEX hammer: the headstand. They excel at this exercise because of the ingenious shape of their new insert. “Work tasks such as paving, curbstone setting or building fences and scaffolding are taxing enough already and require that the workers use the strength of their whole body. Considering the exertions associated with these types of work, the added strain exerted on the back by bending over endlessly to pick up the hammer should be avoided wherever possible. This is why we developed our new insert with stand-up for our SIMPLEX soft-face mallet and the SIMPLEX sledge hammer. The clever shape lets the hammer to stand firmly on its head, making it a breeze for the user to grab the wooden handle sticking up from the floor", explains Volker Gernth, Sales Director Hand Tools at Erwin Halder KG.

Crafted from the Halder’s tried-and-trusted rubber composite, the new insert is a particularly good choice for gardening and landscaping, paving, curbstone setting, masonry and stairs setting, fence, scaffolding, tent and prefabricated-house construction, carpenter's work as well as maintenance and repairs. Medium hard and odourless, the insert possesses low-wear and impact-cushioning characteristics. Erwin Halder KG offers it with a size of 60 mm in the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet with cast steel housing and high-quality wooden handle in combination with all available inserts – from TPE-soft to soft metal. In the SIMPLEX sledge hammer, the new insert is available in combination with superplastic, TPE-soft and rubber composite with and without stand-up.

“The SIMPLEX soft-face mallet principle – based on which all components can be exchanged separately – makes it possible to retrofit existing SIMPLEX hammers with the insert including stand-up and a diameter of 60 mm”, adds Volker Gernth.

Maximum rebound damping in all corners

Powerful hammer strikes without any rebound? Impossible? Anyone who believes so has never used the SECURAL made by Erwin Halder KG – which is now available in an even larger size: the trusted version of the tool is now complemented by a SECURAL model that allows the user to work with inserts measuring 35 x 45 mm. The dimensions of the hammer have been adjusted accordingly, while the weight has been raised to 1,000 g, an increase of 300 g over the smaller version.

But, what makes the SECURAL the “world's most effective non-rebound hammer”? The shot filling housed in the hammer head paired with the minuscule weight of the SECURAL and the damping of the medium hard inserts made of polyurethane add up to a one-of-a-kind combination: maximum rebound damping in conjunction with extra powerful impact force – a blessing to your joints!  Since the head and handle of the SECURAL are manufactured from a single piece of steel, the hammer is exceptionally wear-resistant and break-proof.

Another unique feature of the SECURAL is the rectangular shape of the exchangeable inserts. As Volker Gernth points out: “We learn from early childhood that: a round peg will not fit in a square hole. Why, therefore, should we use a round hammer to work on corners and edges? That defies logic. This is why the SECURAL is equipped with rectangular inserts made of polyurethane. This design allows the user to properly reach the corners without damaging the workpiece – whether their work involves laying parquet and laminate flooring, working with wood in the joiner's workshop, furniture manufacturing, sheet-metal work, window and door construction, drywall construction or the positioning and joining of workpieces.”



Photo 1/2: Available for the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet and the SIMPLEX sledge hammer, the new insert allows users to work without straining their backs. This is thanks an ingenious form factor that lets the hammer stand on its head.


The user can simply reach for the wooden handle sticking up from the floor without having to bend down – courtesy of the new insert with stand-up.


When used in the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet, the new insert with stand-up can be combined with all other available inserts – from TPE-soft to soft metal.


The SECURAL marries maximum rebound damping with tremendous impact force. Their rectangular shape makes these impacts ideally suited for use on corners and edges.