Exciting innovation by Erwin Halder KG 

Down-thrust clamp fastens workpieces quickly, securely and with perfect ease 

Each workpiece poses its own unique challenges when it comes to clamping. These challenges turn into a nuisance when the geometry of the part keeps the clamping element from being swivelled to the clamping point. But, users can now breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the innovative solution Erwin Halder KG is presenting with the innovative down-thrust clamp, allowing them to (literally) push the problem aside.

“There are a number of ways to clamp a component in a precise and reliable way. A good option in some cases is, for instance, to fasten the part in a hole or a depression. Regular down-thrust clamps are not suited for such a use case as the workpiece prevents the clamping element from being swivelled to the right position. This is why we came up with a new variant: the user can now clamp the workpiece by sliding the clamping elements backward by 30 mm and then back to the front after inserting the workpiece. The user will then proceed to set the desired clamping position using the knurled screw and secure everything with the knurled nut. This allows for the fast and secure clamping of the workpiece”, explains Bernd Janner, Sales Executive of Erwin Halder KG. Keeping the clamp from twisting, a positioning ring provides for an easy way to reproduce the clamping point.

The moveable down-trust clamps with an M12 diameter are available in two different heights, which can also be flexibly extended with the help of height-adjusting cylinders and spacers. Both sizes offer the user three different actuation options: via a clamping screw, an eccentric lever, and an adjustable clamping handle with axial bearing. Delivering a clamping force of 10 kN, Halder’s down-thrust clamps are made from hardened, blackened and ground case-hardened steel.

To fix the down-thrust clamps securely to a fixture or machine tables, users can fall back on two common fastening options: either a T-nut (slot nut according to DIN 508) or a threaded pin which is inserted directly into the plate or fixture.

Better yet, the moveable down-thrust clamp boasts a compact design that allows it to take up substantially less installation space compared to ordinary clamps. This allows for the use of shorter cutting tools, boosting productivity by a considerable degree.


The innovative down-thrust clamps by Erwin Halder KG make it possible to clamp workpieces quickly, effortlessly and securely – even in cases where swivelling is not an option thanks to the forward and backward movement of the clamping element.


The user can shift the clamping element by up to 30 mm to find the best clamping position. Once found, the desired clamping is then set and secured, respectively with the knurled screw and the knurled nut.