Swapped out in a snap

Halder showcases their latest innovations at Jagd & Hund 2019

The PUSH & GO sling swivel designed by Erwin Halder makes it a cinch to undo the connection between rifle sling and gun stock - thanks to the ball lock pin principle. Upgrading most hunting rifle with this option is just as easy. The specialist from Achstetten-Bronnen has now added an upgrade kit for Blaser bolt action rifles.

A popular choice among hunters, the Blaser bolt action rifles R93 and R8 are widely sold products. However, removing the rifle sling on these weapons has always been a chore. Another nuisance with this weapon is that the sling swivel stud remains on the weapon and may turn into a hindrance. Since the standard version of the PUSH & GO sling swivel made by Erwin Halder KG is less than ideal for these weapons on account of the special forestock design of the Blaser rifles, the Achstetten-Bronnen company has engineered an upgrade kit specifically designed for these weapons.

“Nearly all models of Blaser’s rifles feature a forestock that is a two-piece unit with a screw connection. The screw is fixed in place with the Blaser sling stud at the end of the forestock. We have now developed a locating bushing with an M5 female thread, which is based on our small PUSH & GO sling swivel with a diameter of 6 mm and precisely fits the connecting bolt of the forestock. This new product makes it a cinch to replace the locating bushing”, explains Bernd Janner, Sales Executive at Erwin Halder KG. At the rear stock, users can use the small standard PUSH & GO sling swivel in the bore hole for the Blaser holder.

Why use a different sling swivel at all?

The PUSH & GO sling swivel makes the task of removing the rifle sling quick and easy. This exceptional ease is made possible by the tried-and-tested ball lock pin technology: The bottom end of the bolt on the sling swivel is fitted with automatically locking balls. Releasing the lock merely requires a press of the push button on the pin. This makes it possible to insert and remove the sling swivel as many times as needed while the hunt is on – without any rattle or noise whatsoever. The necessary locating bushings are fitted into the gun stock.

The sturdy sling swivel and the locating bushings are made of stainless steel that has been treated with an anti-corrosive coating. This version of the sling swivel is accompanied by a non-coated version.

Sling it onto your back with ease

Aside from the Blaser upgrade kit, Halder now offers a small locating bushing for the PUSH & GO sling swivel that can be installed into the rear stock on the side. It is suited equally for stocks made of wood and plastic and can complete a stepless 360° rotation when locked. Bernd Janner on that topic: “This solution makes it a lot more comfortable for the hunters to wear the weapon on their back. It also makes their life easier when they need both hands, e.g. when trailing a wounded animal.”



Erwin Halder KG is now also offering an upgrade kit of their PUSH & GO sling swivel for Blaser bolt action rifles as a perfect match with the special design of the forestock on these weapons.