Soft-face mallets tailored perfectly to your application

The new SECURAL plus for installing glass panes and the SUPERCRAFT with round inserts for crimping applications

Glazier, tinsmith, landscaping professional, metal worker or carpenter – as different as these trades may be, they all require tools that are customised to fit their particular job description. This is why Erwin Halder KG always stays in close communication with their users in a bid to adjust their range of hammers even better to the needs of the craftsmen.
When you think of glass and hammer, the first image that usually springs to mind is that of a heap of shards. Professionals, however, know how important a hammer is to their work – and, especially when it comes to the requirements in glass and window fitting, the customised soft-face mallets by Halder are a particularly good choice. A prime example is the new SECURAL plus.

The plus for window fitters
Just as the standard model, the non-rebound mallet offers the perfect solution for the safe fitting of panes thanks to its protruding inserts. Medium hard and made of polyurethane, the replaceable inserts are ideally suited for the sensitive materials involved in this work and ensure that the hammer will reach into all corners thanks to the angular shape of the inserts. These attributes allow the fitter to gently insert aluminium and plastic strips without endangering the pane or scratching the strips. The maximum rebound damping of the SECURAL provides for high impact while keeping the work exceptionally easy on the joints.
“In the standard model of our SECURAL we already had an excellent solution for window fitters in our selection. Our close collaboration with experienced professionals then gave birth to the SECURAL plus with its modified handle end. It makes the craftsman's work easier yet again by a substantial factor”, declares Volker Gernth, Sales Director Hand Tools at Erwin Halder KG. The special shape of the handle end is perfect for press fitting rubber seals. Depending on how they position the handle end, the user will work with either a narrow or an extra wide surface, allowing them to press in seals of various different sizes.

Round inserts for flawless results
Other types of jobs that require a particularly gentle touch and a well-dosed application of impact force are sheet-metal work and, in particular, crimping applications. The proper execution of these jobs also hinges on the right hammer. Equipped with a hickory handle, the SUPERCRAFT by Halder lets tinsmiths work with precision strikes and no rebound. This soft-face mallet has already proven its worth in the real world time and again. Volker Gernth: “Yet, even tried-and-trusted solutions have room for improvement. Our ongoing exchanges with craftsmen continue to lend new perspectives. One outcome of these conversations led us to furnish the new SUPERCRAFT version with an insert made of nylon (polyamide), which is rounded on one side. Its special radius allows the craftsman to complete crimping work with much greater efficiency than before: The missing edges keep the sheet from sustaining damage or, worse, tearing. Better yet, the white polyamide inserts do not leave any impressions.” Extremely homogeneous, the extruded inserts are exceptionally hard and, thus, considerably more wear-resistant and resilient than injection moulded plastic. These inserts never chip - even in sub-zero temperatures. They possess outstanding impact qualities and hold up to the high impact forces generated by non-rebound soft-face mallets. They are also oil and grease resistant.


Perfect for window fitters: The handle end of the new SECURAL plus by Halder makes pressing in rubber seals quick and easy.




The new round inserts of the SUPERCRAFT by Halder offer tinsmiths the perfect solution for their crimping jobs.