The perfect solution for connections in blind holes

Quick and easy release and refastening

Unplugging, replacing, fastening, positioning, changing, securing, fixing, locking and adjusting – anyone who needs to release connections frequently looks for easy installation options – even in situations where the parts to be connected do not allow for a throughgoing bore. Erwin Halder KG is now presenting the solution with their new clamp lock pins.   

Connections that constantly need to be undone again are commonplace in all areas of industrial production. A few examples among many are the removal of covers or hoods on machines, e.g. for service and maintenance work, or the fixing in place of movable plates. However, a throughgoing bore for the fastener is often next to impossible - either for reasons of design or simply because a wall is too thick. What is more, the ability to install fasteners quickly and easily is always a factor of primary importance to productivity. Erwin Halder KG has developed their new clamp lock pins exactly for these types of situations.

The clamp lock pins are ideally suited for connections which have to be released regularly. Their key advantage: Unlike other solutions, these pins can be fitted into short blind holes: Fastening the connection requires that the pin be inserted into the blind hole. A press of the button on the handle releases the balls, allowing the user to easily slip the pin into the bore hole. When the button is released, a taper on the interior pushes the balls outward again. The friction generated between the balls and the component clamps the clamp lock pin into place, securing the connection. Another push of the press button is all it takes to release the pin again. This will release the locked balls again, allowing the clamp lock pin to be removed effortlessly. This mechanism allows for the quick connection and release of two parts without the need for any additional tools.

The clamp lock pins are available with mushroom-type knobs measuring 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm in diameter and with lengths ranging from 10 to 120 mm - depending on the version. The user can choose between two material options: a version made from stainless steel (1.4305) or a version constructed from precipitation hardened stainless steel (1.4542).



The clamp lock pins made by Erwin Halder KG are ideally suited for connections which have to be constantly released again. The key advantage: They can be mounted in blind holes.