From the joist to the gutter - you will always have the right hammer at hand


The job of finishing an entire roof involves many craftsmen completing a large variety of tasks - from the carpenter constructing the truss to the sheet-metal worker making and installing the sheet metal parts. They all have one thing in common: They require excellent tools to deliver excellent work. Erwin Halder KG is sure to have the hammer they need – for work both on wood and sheet metal.

Ceilings, roof trusses, carports, canopies, dormers, doors, staircases and timber framing – the carpenter frequently needs a hammer capable of delivering forceful strikes during woodwork applications and work on timber structures. The sledge hammers made by Erwin Halder KG are equally ideal for tough jobs requiring great impact force and work that calls for more than just “brute force”.

Raw power applied in a gentle way

The SUPERCRAFT sledge hammer allows craftsmen to apply tremendous impact force without any rebound – thanks to the steel shot filling in the tubular head. It ensures that the energy is transferred with a slight delay when the contact surface hits the workpiece. The reduced rebound allows the impact energy to be absorbed with perfect efficiency, resulting in extremely powerful impact. Better yet, working with SUPERCRAFT hammers is gentle on the joints. “Exchangeable and wear resistant, the nylon inserts posses high impact-resistance, rigidity and good dampening characteristics. They, furthermore, protect the workpiece and reduce impact noise dramatically. Another key benefit of the tough and durable nylon: It never splinters even after strikes on sharp-edged parts”, explains Volker Gernth, Sales Director Hand Tools at Erwin Halder KG.

SIMPLEX sledge hammers afford carpenters a high degree of flexibility thanks to the wide selection of inserts. Available in diameters of 80 mm or 100 mm, the combination of rubber composite (GuKo) and superplastic is the ideal option for all work involving wood and allows for an exceptionally gentle processing of delicate materials. The superb impact cushioning of the black, medium hard, odourless and low-wear GuKo inserts reduces the risk of the wood splintering by a substantial degree. They also make work much less strenuous.

Volker Gernth: “Slightly harder than rubber composite, superplastic is very durable and wear-resistant. It provides the carpenter with more power during scaffolding as well as tent and prefabricated-house construction. Another area of application for our superplastic and nylon inserts is sheet-metal work. Nylon is even an exquisite choice for processing sharp-edged workpieces. Their unique features make both types of inserts a must-have for yet another roof construction expert - the sheet-metal worker.”

Flexible striking solution with SIMPLEX

Unlike, for example, carpenters during truss construction, roof sheet-metal workers need smaller hammers to make, install and service sheet metal used for eaves, gussets, ridges, gutters and dormers. Thanks to its enormous flexibility, the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet offers a great many options for these types of applications: Users can configure - or even customise later - the hammer that fits their needs best by choosing from eight different inserts varying in hardness as well as diameters ranging from 30 mm to 140 mm and from three housing materials and two different types of handles. How does that work? “The key lies in the tried-and-tested SIMPLEX principle”, states Volker Gernth. “Perfectly matched with one another, all components - handle, housing, and inserts - can be quickly and easily exchanged as needed. By the way, this underlying principle is applied to all SIMPLEX products - including our sledge hammers.”

The combination best suited for roof sheet-metal workers is comprised of either TPE-soft and superplastic or TPE-mid and nylon - ideally paired with a wooden handle and an aluminium housing. In addition to the harder and very wear-resistant inserts made of nylon or superplastic, the soft and non-marring TPE-soft insert is exceptionally well-suited for very delicate materials (non damaging). Thanks to the extra low weight of the aluminium housing, the user can apply exactly the amount of impact force that is needed - perfect for precision work on delicate workpieces.

At present, we are offering a trial offer specially tailored to roof sheet-metal workers. An affordable special event box offers them a SIMPLEX soft-face mallet with a wooden handle and aluminium housing plus one TPE-soft and one superplastic insert with a diameter of 40 mm. The box is perfectly complemented by two interchangeable inserts - one made of rubber composite and one made of nylon”, adds Volker Gernth.

A well-rounded offer

BASEPLEX or SUPERCRAFT mallets are great options for roof sheet-metal workers as well. For their BASEPLEX model Erwin Halder KG offers interchangeable inserts made of cellulose acetate and nylon with diameters ranging from 25 to 50 mm – an outstanding combination for sheet-metal work, scaffolding and dent removal. The BASEPLEX also offers the ability to quickly and easily replace the inserts and the handle in the body made of high-quality zinc die-cast with overstrike protector.

Just like his larger brother - the sledge hammer, the SUPERCRAFT mallet allows the user to work with a non-rebound tool thanks to its steel shot filling. The nylon inserts designed for this soft-face mallet are available in diameters from 20 to 80 mm. They promise maximum strength, unparalleled impact quality and a level of durability that is second to none. The handle and the inserts are interchangeable in this tool as well.


SUPERCRAFT and SIMPLEX – the sledge hammers made by Erwin Halder KG provide carpenters with the ideal tool for woodwork applications and building timbers structures.


Roof sheet-metal workers can rely on the exceptional capabilities of the BASEPLEX and SIMPLEX soft-face mallets made by Erwin Halder KG.


Erwin Halder KG currently offers sheet-metal workers an attractive special event box as part of a tailor-made introductory offer. It contains a SIMPLEX soft-face mallet with wooden handle and aluminium housing, four different inserts and one Pica Pocket pen holder plus one carpenter pencil.