Erwin Halder KG streamlines product search

The right precision part is only a few clicks away

Aside from offering a selection of more than 10,000 standard parts - which include machine and fixture elements, operating elements, and machine elements - the portfolio of Erwin Halder KG also boasts a large variety of clamping elements. Users will now be able find the right precision part even faster thanks to an overview of the different categories of clamping devices - which is made available on a poster or as an interactive feature on the website.

Grub screws, seating pins, ball-ended thrust screws, self-aligning pads, thrust screws, clamping nuts, clamps, down-hold clamps, push plungers, bedding supports, supporting elements, floating clamps, eccentric clamping elements, down-thrust clamps, height adjusting cylinders, toggle clamps, compact clamps, stops, positioning clamping pins, and much more – the range of clamping devices offered by Erwin Halder KG is extensive and includes a large number of clamping elements in various versions and countless dimensions.

“Keeping track of such a vast selection of items is challenging - even for our experts”, explains Bernd Janner, Sales Executive for Erwin Halder KG. “This is why we compiled an overview that details the most important clamping devices. Provided on a poster, e.g. for use at trade fairs, or as an interactive feature on our website, this overview allows users to catch all relevant information at a glance and make a quick initial selection.”

The overview shows 32 different groups of clamping devices along with a photo, a short description, the item numbers and the available sizes. Users can access all additional information on Halder's website in a few easy steps. An example: A click on the group “Self-Aligning Pads” will take the user to the various available versions: smooth self-aligning pads, ribbed self-aligning pads with hard metal ball and adjustable self-aligning pads, with and without self-resetting to the zero position. Another click will open a page with the corresponding product that contains all information about materials, function, available sizes, dimensions, weight and more. “Those who need additional support will find the contact information of our technical support experts on our website as well”, adds Bernd Janner.

Anyone interested in the overview can find it by logging on to Halder’s website.


An overview of the key clamping devices offered by Erwin Halder KG provides users with an easier way to find the precision part they need (only available in german).