Katalog N6

With the new developments and extensions we have focused on your requirements.

Get surprised! Browse through the  novelties catalogue N6 and find more detailed information about the products in our new  standard parts catalogue N6 or the  online shop.


Some of our highlights are:


Threaded Lifting Pins

Heavy-duty lifting element for quick and easy use in threads, with moveable shackle and locking stud to provide protection against unintentional unlocking.

For lifting loads, the threaded lifting pin is inserted into a threaded hole. In contrast to a ringbolt, time-consuming screwing in and out is therefore unnecessary.


Clamp Lock Pins

Pin from stainless steel. Flexible use because the balls are clamped between bolt and hole. For rapid fastening, locking, adjusting, replacing, and securing in blind holes (H11) without additional locating bushings.

Quick and easy to release for connections which are made repeatedly.


Retrieval Units

To retrieve a workpiece on a seating element.

The retrieval unit is always built into a seating element as a single system. By means of a simple plug-in connection, it transmits whether a part is located at a specific position, as an electrical signal.

The retrieval unit can be used in combination with various seating elements. For example, the EH 22690 pins from the Halder standard parts are suitable.

Data is transferred via a cable connection. Optionally, the retrieval signal can be transferred by radio.


Down-Thrust Clamps, moveable

Mechanical horizontal clamp for fast and comfortable changing and clamping of workpieces.

The moveable downthrust clamps are used, amongst other things, when swivel movements are not possible because of the workpiece.



Seating elements with plastic contact surface. Can be used as protective supports, stops, and thrust pads. This protects high-quality surfaces from damage.