Locksmith`s Hammer
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Locksmith`s Hammer

MAXXCRAFT Locksmith’s hammers - the universal hammer complying with DIN 1041

Halder has poured its decades of experience in manufacturing SIMPLEX soft-face mallets into a locksmith’s hammer whose innovative details deliver improved performance during everyday use that can be seen, felt, and measured.

The locksmith’s hammer, manufactured to DIN 1041, has a drop-forged hammer head made of high-quality special steel with polished peen and face, as well as a bevel complying with standards. Face and peen are carefully hardened and heat-treated. The special connection between hammer head and handle sleeve forms a non-detachable, vibration-damping unit. These properties, combined with the ergonomically shaped hickory handle, bring about noticeable rebound absorption, resulting in a complete transmission of the impact force to the workpiece.

Studies have shown that the strain from vibration to which the handle is subjected on steel is approx. 68.7 per cent less when using the Halder locksmith’s hammer compared with an ordinary 500 g DIN locksmith’s hammer. The Halder locksmith’s hammer also delivers approx. 24.2 per cent more impact force than an ordinary 500 g DIN locksmith’s hammer.

These attributes guarantee joint-friendly working without fatigue, thanks to reduced vibrations from the impact, thus extending the working life significantly. As well as an optimised and attractive design, the tool also boasts such details as a handle with rubber protective sleeve, to absorb missed strikes.

The locksmith’s hammers are available in 300g, 500g, 800g, and 1000g sizes.

The Halder locksmith’s hammer has been GS-certified by the VPA Remscheid test institute, and is of course “Made in Germany”. Its all-purpose suitability makes it the tool of choice for trade and industry, and for private users - for any application that until now called for conventional locksmith’s hammers, which cause excessive vibrations and fatigue.