Twisted splitting wedge
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Twisted splitting wedge

Twisted splitting wedges

Durable, drop-forged twisted splitting wedge with a large strike plate for simple and efficient splitting of firewood.

Twisted to the optimum angle of 20°, the edge delivers tremendous splitting force. Ideally equipped for splitting knotted wood, the wedge is the perfect complement to the SIMPLEX splitting maul, art. no. 3007.160, the SIMPLEX splitting axe, art. no 3007.750, and our SIMPLEX sledge hammers (art. nos. 3007.081-141).

Forged recessed grips on the sides provide for secure handling and insertion of the wedge into the wood. Slanted grooves keep the wedge from rebounding - even in frozen wood. Easily visible thanks to its orange surface coating.

The twisted splitting wedge comes in a handy plastic transport box.