Combi Hammer
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Combi Hammer

Combi hammer Made in Germany / a multi-tool consisting of locksmith's hammer and soft-face mallet

FERROPLEX combi hammer - 2-in-1 hammer from Halder

Locksmith's hammer or soft-face mallet – thanks to the FERROPLEX 2-in-1 (combi hammer) you will have both handy at all times. The hammer portion of the head is made of heat-treated steel, while the exchangeable soft-mallet portion is made of extruded polyamide. A seamlessly extruded precision steel tube combined with an absorbing rubber pad forms the handle of the hammer, which will never detach from the head thanks to force-fit interlocking. A red ring marks the separating line between the hard and the soft portion of the tool. Contouring to the user’s hand, this combination tool comes in diameters of 30 and 35 mm.

Its singular attributes make the FERROPLEX 2-in-1 (combi hammer) ideal for use as an all-purpose hammer during mounting work performed by both handymen and professional users in trade and industry. It is, furthermore, a perfect complement to any tool kit and a virtual must-have for any serious craftsman thanks to its diminutive weight and negligible space requirements.