SIMPLEX Sledge Hammers
Nylon; with reinforced cast iron housing and fibre-glass handle

EH 3708.

The SIMPLEX sledge hammer of the series 3708 is equipped with the nylon insert on either side.

This white insert (series 3208) offers outstanding impact qualities and is guaranteed to combine maximum strength with unique durability. It is composed of extruded and extremely homogeneous material. Compared to injection moulded plastic inserts, it is therefore considerably more wear-resistant and durable and will never chip even in sub-zero temperatures. Moreover, it is also oil and grease resistant.

The black, reinforced cast steel housing provides for greater stability thanks to the enlarged wall thicknesses and struts. The increase in weight ensures greater impact force.

Extremely rugged and durable, the fibre glass handle offers exceptional break resistance. It is shaped ergonomically and includes a non-slip handle. It possesses a smooth surface and is inorganic (non-sensitive to moisture).

In line with the smart SIMPLEX principle, all components are replaceable and can be retrofitted. This translates to savings in both money and resources.

Measuring 3,640g and 800mm in total weight and total length, respectively, this sledge hammer is available in D80mm.

Product features:

  • SIMPLEX sledge hammer with nylon inserts (white, hard, very wear-resistant, no chipping even in sub-zero temperatures, oil and grease resistant) on both sides.
  • Reinforced cast steel housing with great stability boosts impact force by adding weight.
  • Exceptionally rugged and durable fibre glass handle with non-slip grip, inorganic (non-sensitive to moisture).
  • All parts can be replaced / retrofitted, resulting in great savings in cost and resources.
  • Available in D80mm (total weight of 3,640g).

Application Areas

Very high impact, joining of workpieces, assembly of sharp-edged workpieces, housing assembly, mould construction, hall construction, plant construction, steel construction, exhibition stand construction, sheet-metal working, maintenance and repair work

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Ø [inch]
lkopf [inch]
lhges [inch]
gewicht [oz]
Price [$]
Ø [inch]:
3.15 inch
lkopf [inch]:
6.89 inch
lhges [inch]:
31.5 inch
gewicht [oz]:
128.4 oz
SIMPLEX sledge hammer
  • Ø: 3.15 inch
  • lkopf : 6.89 inch
  • lhges : 31.5 inch
  • Weight: 128.4 oz
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  • Nylon, white
  • hard
  • Very wear-resistant
  • no chipping (even at tempeatures below zero)
  • Oil and grease resistant


  • Reinforced cast iron, black


  • Fibreglass with rubber grip
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RoHS compliant

Compliant according to Directive 2011/65/EU and Directive 2015/863


Does not contain SVHC substances

No SVHC substances with more than 0.1% w/w contained - SVHC list [REACH] as of 10.06.2022


Does not contain Proposition 65 substances

No Proposition 65 substances included


Free from Conflict Minerals

This product does not contain any substances designated as "conflict minerals" such as tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjacent countries.