Sledge Hammers, non-rebound
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Sledge Hammers, non-rebound

SUPERCRAFT Sledge Hammers

SUPERCRAFT sledge hammers, non-rebound

Non-rebound, i.e. the head tube of the SUPERCRAFT mallet is filled with steel shot. As a result, the mallet will not rebound after striking the workpiece. The full impact force is transferred to the workpiece that is being processed. Non-rebound mallets allow for fatigue-free work that is easy on the joints.

The replaceable, wear-resistant nylon inserts made of special extruded nylon material are both gentle on the workpiece and reduce the noise generated by strikes on metal workpieces. They are also an exceptionally good choice for strikes on sharp-edged parts.

The non-rebound SUPERCRAFT sledge hammers are primarily used in hall, steel and exhibition stand construction, for loosening concrete framing, for scaffolding, tent and fence construction, for driving in wedges and for straightening work and maintenance.

SUPERCRAFT sledge hammers are available with a vibration-reducing, ergonomic and varnished hickory handle.

All SUPERCRAFT mallets have been certified by the VPA Remscheid test institute and bear the “GS” safety certification stamp.