Sample case

EH 3000.

Offering exactly what the name suggests, this sample case provides a perfect cross-section of the soft-face mallet selection made by Halder: Aside from holding all available inserts and all three housing types of the SIMPLEX line, it contains the non-rebound hammers SUPERCRAFT and SECURAL, the entry-level hammer BASEPLEX, and the FERROPLEX Combi Hammer.

But, that is not all! It also includes the magnetic holder plus one drop-mallet and one punch.

Just what your field service staff needs to achieve resounding success!

Product features:

  • Offers a perfect cross-section of Halder's soft-face mallet selection:
  • All eight inserts, all three types of SIMPLEX housings.
  • Non-rebound soft-face mallets SUPERCRAFT and SECURAL.
  • Entry-level hammer BASEPLEX.
  • Combi Hammer FERROPLEX.
  • Magnetic holder, drop-mallet and punch.
  • Covers an extensive range of applications.
  • Ideal for customer consultations in the field.

Set, in practical case, consists of: 

  • 1x SIMPLEX soft-face mallet with cast iron housing and high-quality wooden handle, insert made of rubber composition and plastic (Art. No. 3026.040)
  • 1x SIMPLEX soft-face mallet with cast iron housing and high-quality wooden handle, insert made of rubber composition and superplastic (Art. No. 3027.060)
  • 1x SIMPLEX soft-face mallet 50:40 with aluminium housing and high-quality wooden handle, insert made of TPE-soft and superplastic (Art. No. 3117.051)
  • 1x SIMPLEX soft-face mallet with reinforced cast iron housing and fibre-glass handle, insert made of soft metal and copper (Art. No. 3749.040)
  • 1x BASEPLEX soft-face mallet with zinc die-cast housing and wooden handle, insert made from nylon and cellulose acetate (Art. No. 3968.040)
  • 1x MAXXCRAFT locksmith’s hammer according to DIN 1041 (Art. No. 3666.003)
  • 1x FERROPLEX locksmith’s hammer and soft-face mallet in one (Art. No. 3677.035)
  • 1x SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallet, non-rebound, with vibration-reducing, ergonomic and varnished hickory handle (Art. No. 3366.040)
  • 1x SECURAL soft-face mallet, non-rebound, head and handle made from one piece of steel, rectangular and break-proof inserts (Art. No. 3380.040)
  • 1x Punch (Art. No. 3408.010)
  • 1x Drop-mallet (Art. No. 3408.025)
  • 1 x Magnetic holder, black (Art. No.3688.003)
  • 1x SIMPLEX insert TPE-Soft, blue (Art. No. 3201.040)
  • 1x SIMPLEX insert TPE-Mid, grey (Art. No. 3203.040)
  • 1x SIMPLEX insert Superplastic, white (Art. No. 3207.040)
  • 1x SIMPLEX insert Nylon, white (Art. No. 3208.040)
  • 1x SIMPLEX insert Soft Metal, silver (Art. No. 3209.040) 
  • 1x SUPERCRAFT insert Nylon, white (Art. No. 3508.040)
  • 1x Hex Wrench for SIMPLEX (Art. No. 3233.040)

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Sample case
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RoHS compliant

Contains lead - compliant according to exceptions 6a / 6b / 6c


Contains SVHC substances >0,1% w/w

Contains lead - SVHC list [REACH] as of 08.07.2021


Contains Proposition 65 substances

Lead can cause cancer and reproductive harm from exposure


Free from Conflict Minerals

This product does not contain any substances designated as "conflict minerals" such as tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjacent countries.