Drop-mallets/Punches kit
4 pcs.

EH 3408.

These little helpers made by Halder are packaged in a 4 pcs. box set. The high-quality plastic case ensures that the products are easy to store and carry along. The punches and drop-mallets are fitted on both ends with replaceable, very wear-resistant and splinter-proof heads made of special nylon (art. no. 3508.010 / .015 / .020 / .030). They thus allow for secure and gentle work with a steel hammer.

Besides, drop-mallets are, in effect, soft-face mallets without a handle, allowing the user to hold the hammer head directly in the hand. Suitable for use in situations where limited accessibility makes it impossible to work with a mallet, they are also ideal for applying exactly the amount of impact force that is needed for striking the workpiece with perfect precision and for working with minimum force. The drop-mallets offer non-rebound comfort thanks to their steel shot filling. The resulting effect is that the energy of the steel shot is transferred with a slight delay when the mallet's contact surface hits the workpiece. The reduced rebound lets the impact energy be absorbed with perfect efficiency, allowing for work with reduced strain on the joints and low noise.

The drop-mallets make work much less strenuous - especially in environments with limited accessibility, e.g. during assembly, repair and maintenance, and during work that calls for a well-dosed application of impact force.

Product features:

  • 4 pcs. bonus box set consisting of two drop-mallets and two punches
  • Premium, long-lasting plastic case for easy carrying
  • Punches with diameters of 10mm and 15mm (art. no. 3408.010 / 3408.015)
  • Drop-mallets with diameters of 20 mm and 30 mm (art. no. 3408.020 / 3408.030)
  • Replaceable, very wear-resistant and splinter-proof heads made of special nylon fitted on both ends
  • Allow for secure, gentle and noise-dampening work with a steel hammer
  • The drop-mallets are also non-rebound
  • Allow for an exact application of the impact force
  • The solution for work in areas with limited accessibility

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Drop-mallet/Punch kit



  • Nylon, white
  • hard
  • Very wear-resistant
  • no chipping (even at tempeatures below zero)
  • Oil and grease resistant
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Datasheet EH 3408. Drop-mallets/Punches kit – 4 pcs.
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Contains lead - compliant according to exceptions 6a / 6b / 6c


Contains SVHC substances >0,1% w/w

Contains lead - SVHC list [REACH] as of 10.06.2022


Contains Proposition 65 substances

Lead can cause cancer and reproductive harm from exposure


Free from Conflict Minerals

This product does not contain any substances designated as "conflict minerals" such as tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjacent countries.